Security Mantrap

AluGro’s state-of-the-art Mantrap or commonly known as a Security Cubicle is designed to be flexible and upgradeable to accommodate the client's current and future requirements. 

The mantrap has been developed and improved over the years to be extremely reliable and to provide years of service with minimum maintenance. 

The mantrap has been developed for mass-production and can be rapidly assembled, installed and commissioned on site. AluGro’s mantraps are available in excess of 60 colours (epoxy powder coated) to match the corporate image of a company. 

The entire mantrap is manufactured from bulky aluminium sections and provide a sturdy look.

The mantraps are available as – Single, Double or Bi-directional.

Various options are also available:

  • Bullet Resistance (glass and aluminium)
  • Metal Detection (variable levels)
  • Voice Commands
  • Presence Detection
  • Pass-back Prevention
  • Object Detection
  • Battery back-up