Aluminium Folding Windows and Doors


The “Masterfold” system is one of the only systems that are both waterproof and dustproof. The top roller hinge system consists of four heavy-duty rollers to ensure durability. The folding profiles contain slots for two rubber seals per section, in other words, four seals per joint. The bottom sliding part also operates with a roller system to ensure long-lasting operation.  

The system is very flexible and can accommodate several combinations — some of which are illustrated here.  

Folding windows/doors can be made to a maximum height of 2,5m. The frame profiles are between 35mm to 81mm wide and weigh ~2025g/m. The opening sections are 58mm wide and weigh ~709g/m. Most types of handles and locks are supported by our designs.  

AluGro Folding Windows:

Folding Windows Illustration

AluGro Side Hung and Folding Doors:

Side Hung and Folding Doors Illustration

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